Bodkin is the collection of Brooklyn-based designer, Eviana Hartman. She also happens to be an incredibly witty and stylish former editor of both Teen Vogue and Nylon magazines. Hartman ‘seeks out the finest and most innovative sustainability-oriented fabrics in the world, from the best new technologies (such as post-consumer recycled polyester) to handloomed weaves from collectives in India, domestic organic cotton dyed by hand, and decades-old salvaged textiles.’

With just three collections under her belt, Hartman is proving that ‘getting the politics right’ in fashion doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Gone are the days when ‘ethical fashion’ has meant wearing beige hemp pants and a shapeless white cotton t-shirt. The Bodkin aesthetic remains simple but also plays with shapes, proportions and textures in interesting ways. Think expertly-tailored pleated trousers, wooly color-block sweaters and asymmetric translucent dresses.

Bodkin Spring 2010

Bodkin Spring 2010

Beyond being committed to using socially-aware fabrics, Hartman also pays special attention to other issues that confront sustainable fashionable such as carbon emissions, localization of the production process, ‘clothes miles’ (the distance one garment will travel from initial conception to consumption) and the culture of disposable consumerism. According to Hartman, “Behind every garment is a story”, and I have to commend her for putting a face and story to those who actually physically manufacture her garments. The bottom line is that there is a massive disconnection between those who make the things we buy and us as consumers, and Hartman takes special care to consider “the environmental and socioeconomic intricacies of clothing and textiles and the way we live and dress and consume”.

Not only is Hartman committed to sustainability in fashion but she’s also the epitome of everything cool! She’s a trained modern dancer (like me) and plays the drums (like me too!) in a band called Open Ocean. She even managed to snag the staggeringly fabulous, Lykke Li, for Bodkin’s first collection. I want to be her new best friend, don’t you?


2 responses to “Bodkin

  1. Miss Ditty you have done it again. I adore Bodkin and you summed her up eloquently. I too wanna be her bff.

    London is doing you some good but I want you here ASAP MISSY!


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