Christopher Raeburn

It’s days like today when the weather is making our fashion choices all the more challenging. Not only do we have to strive to be stylish, shape-conscious and well put-together but we also have to attempt to be practical and prepared for any number of possible precipitations. Oh my!

Thankfully, this is where the ingenious Christopher Raeburn fulfills our fashion quandry with his sensational and sensible creations. Raeburn is a young British designer, and 2006 graduate of the Royal College of Art, that creates jackets made from redeployed military fabrics. Not only are they aesthetically delicious and perfectly executed but they are also functional, waterproof and ready for all kinds of action.

Christopher Raeburn Womenswear Trench SS10

Christopher Raeburn Womenswear Trench SS10

Raeburn also spends significant time researching his suppliers and contemplating the political issues behind his creations. He makes every effort to chose only materials that are recycled, materials that he seeks to give an entirely new lease on life. It is estimated that one million tonnes of textiles are thrown away every year in the UK alone, and Raeburn hopes to transform these manufacturing and consumption patterns through the use of existing fabrics along with brilliant, lasting design.

Because his collection is produced locally- in Hackney, East London- he doesn’t have to deal with many of the global production issues that plague fashion commodity chains. It is designers like Raeburn that encourage companies to take the re-localisation of the production process as a more logical and legitimate alternative to the highly complex system we have now.

Christopher Raeburn Menswear SS10

Christopher Raeburn Menswear SS10

It’s without much surprise that Raeburn has been recently awarded the British Fashion Council’s prestigious New Generation Award that seeks to promote emerging British designers (with the likes of McQueen, Matthew Williamson and Christopher Kane) as well as being a past recipient of the Ethical Fashion Forum’s Innovation Competition. You will find him showing at this years London Fashion Week in February with his much-anticipated SS10 collection now available at Browns Focus. Keep your eye on this one. He’s going to be massive, and I’m going to say “I told you so!”


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  1. For interested parties, there are some of his pieces currently on display at London’s Design Museum until 5th September, amongst the ‘Sustainable Futures’ exhibition which includes some other fashion items, well worth a visit.

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