Street Sculptures

MAXJENNY is definitely one of the shows that I am most anticipating at this spring’s Esthetica, the British Fashion Council’s eco-sustainable initiative for London Fashion Week. MAXJENNY is the brainchild of Copenhagen-based Swedish designer, Maxjenny Forslund. Having graduated in 2003 with a degree in furniture and product design from Danmarks Deisgnskole. Forslund is actually quite well known in the textile world for her screen-printed stools, intricately embroidered sofas and colorful handmade rugs. In 2007, she made a natural leap into the fashion world with a line that experiments in folding cut cloth and draping a circle or a square as the basis for her designs.

Where generally fashion designers use a different source of inspiration for their collections with each season, MAXJENNY adheres to using two techniques as the foundation of her designs every season. ‘The concept is to create simple, unique and timeless clothing made from high quality sustainable materials, with stylish cuts and minimal seams. The collections consist of clothing that stays true season after season, clothing you will want to wear again and again… concentrating on a few styles and evolving the assortment gradually, without sharp boundaries between seasons’.

Forslund has received some fairly prestigious international honours, particularly when Madonna chose metallic pieces from her SS06 collection in the music video ”Sorry”. She has also been nominated ”Rookie of the Year” at Stockholm fashion week, has styled products for LG in “LG Design Makeover Exhibition”, designed four pieces for the worldwide exhibition “Ecological Haute Couture Exhibition”, and was recently named as one of five scandinavian fashion designers and one out of 50 international designers who are shaping the world right now by BON magazine.

MAXJENNY’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection is clearly influenced by Forslund’s background in furniture design. She presents a very geometrical approach towards the body, exploring the myriad shapes and natural structures that the female form embodies. The outcome is often very interesting, unusual and architectural cuts, particularly in her selection of innovative jackets, structural cardigans and these awe-inspiring ponchos.

MAXJENNY Street Sculptures SS10

MAXJENNY Street Sculptures SS10

Part of Forslund’s mission is to create clothing that confronts the disposable nature of fashion instead seeking to create pieces that can easily transition from season to season. She tends to use environmentally and socially-conscious materials such as post-consumer recycled fabric and organic bamboo jersey, hemp and cotton. “In Sweden there are guidelines,” Forslund says. “We need certificates from the fabric manufacturer to say that it’s ecological, and clothing must be produced in good conditions where the workers get good salaries.”

Here’s another personal favourite from the MAXJENNY Spring/Summer 2010 collection The New Black Street Sculptures, a series of beautiful folded and draped jackets in recycled PET bottles fabric for all kinds of weather, all year around. Breathable, rainproof and iron-free:

MAXJENNY Black Street Sculptures SS10

MAXJENNY Black Street Sculptures SS10

Look for MAXJENNY at London Fashion Week the 21st-24th of February 2010.


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