Men – ethical fashion’s newest aficionado

There seems to be several new ethical fashion labels sprouting up all geared towards menswear. From the dapper business man to the cut loose surfer dude, men are getting on board (pun intended, obviously) with sustainability.

KnowledgeCotton Apparel is one such label whose vision and philosophy is truly inspiring.  To show respect for raw materials, they use only 100% certified organic cotton from sources that work towards the least possible impact on the environment and water supplies. In its efforts to show respect towards people, they choose to support independent, family-owned and operated organic farms. They also try to support small-scale farming and fair trade producers whenever they can.

Aside from the ethical mission, they do excellent men’s jackets and flannel shirts for the type of guy who wears Barbour, APC, Albam and that whole classic British look. The Peter Duffel Coat is a winter must-have:

Peter Duffel coat - 100% organic

Peter Duffel coat - 100% organic

The campaign model isn’t too shabby either.

Riz boardshorts aim to be the world’s most beautiful and environmental surf wear. Inspired by eminent print designers such as William Morris, these are truly meant for the most dapper of gentlemen (ones that surf, of course).

Established only in the last year, the label has also instituted an excellent production model they’ve coined “Rizcycle”. All Riz boardshorts are made from Teijin’s 100% recycled and recyclable sueded polyester. This process allows polyester clothing to be returned and recycled into new polyester yarn. Whereas other 100% recycled polyester fabrics cannot be recycled themselves. The “Rizcycle” process is a continuous loop. Genius!

Riz also aims to source and manufacture as locally as possible, avoids using harmful chemicals in the digital- printing process and strives to be as transparent. Every man should step into a pair of these for a winter holiday away:

Buckler 14" Morris-Sea

Buckler 14" Morris-Sea

Izzy Lane is best known for doing luxurious women’s knitwear from her own flock of Wensleydale sheep, a rare and endangered breed. She uses the last of 51 worsted spinners and one of the last dyers in the Bradford area and her cloth is woven at an ancient mill in Selkirk using Victorian machinery which has been in use for more than a century. Every garment is completely (from inception through final product) made in England.

Now the label has launched a new collection of amazing men’s knit cardigans. They are not cheap but are guaranteed to be one of the finest and most lustrous jumpers found in any man’s closet. These are completely girlfriend-steal-worthy!

Wensleydale 5 Button Cardigan

Wensleydale 5 Button Cardigan

Lest us not forget Launderette favourite – Trousers London, the premium organic jean label. Trousers London believe that a sustainable outlook should be fundamental and not an afterthought when building a brand. However, design definitely leads the way. Hand-stitched in Italy using 100% raw organic denim, Trousers London uses a small-scale manufacturer in Naples. You can read more about their story on the Trousers blog. Garnering fans such as Matthew Williamson, the classic Trouser style is the Launderette favourite:

T5A jeans - AW1011

T5A jeans - AW1011


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