Transparent Fashion – Introducing Honest by

The secrets of fashion are being revealed – every thread, every button, every process. Launched just last week by Bruno Pieters, accomplished fashion designer and Creative Director at Delvaux, Honest by is the first company in the world to share the full cost breakdown of its products, including store mark-up calculations. It’s truly one of the most exciting and insightful new fashion paradigms we’ve seen in decades. It has the potential to revolutionise the way we think about what we wear.

In 2010, Pieters took a sabbatical from the fashion industry to travel across the developing world. Honest by was conceived during his time spent in southern India, an experience that made him reflect on his own personal ethics and his thinking around the whole system of fashion.

The word ‘honest’ refers to the way in which the brand operates, with an 100% transparency policy. It offers fashion designers a public platform to share their own design processes, utilising Honest by’s extensive research on organic fabrics and suppliers. Honest by looks for IVN, GOTS, JOCA, Oeko-tex, SACL and other similar internationally recognised certificates, endeavoring to explain what each certificate means in the ‘Materials Information’ section of the website.  All collaborators are required to share their personal production information from yarn and button origin to fabric and manufacturing details – for every single garment produced!

In communicating all information regarding a garment’s production process, Bruno Pieters hopes to shed light on the questions: where are our garments made and by whom?

Honest by also chooses not to distribute leather goods or clothing that is made or trimmed with fur, shell or horn. The only animal products garments contain are wool and silk. However, the wool and silk are either certified organic, recycled or sourced from selected farms in countries like the UK, where laws on farming ensure the welfare of animals.

Not only this but Honest by seeks to challenge the traditional two-season fashion model. Instead, timeless trans-seasonal garments are offered all year round to accommodate the different climates and seasons across continents and regions. This is slow fashion at its finest.

And there’s no compromise on design. This is top notch luxury fashion – streamlined, minimalist, textural. The Antwerpen influences are more than obvious – it’s a city long known for it’s radical approach to fashion. Honest by joins the ranks of the famous ‘Antwerp Six’ in breaking the fashion mould.

Photos courtesy of Honest by PR

Photos courtesy of Honest by PR


3 responses to “Transparent Fashion – Introducing Honest by

  1. Reblogged this on Jen Ballie and commented:
    I love this concept – the transparency and new approach to enabling consumers to learn more about the decisions made which informs what they are buying into. It slick and stylish and I look forward to following how people respond to this open approach to fashion design and manufacture.

  2. Great posting, thank you, and great initiative!

  3. Wow this company sounds amazing, what an incredible idea and hopefully will revolutionise the fashion industry. The garments look beautiful too!

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