Can’t get enough of FAIR + true

Everybody is talking about FAIR +true, with particular plaudits for being recently featured in the likes of Vogue and Grazia. FAIR + true is one of the few Fair Trade brands getting it right. Trend-led designs, perfect prints, bold colours and appropriate, desirable use of African-inspired details.

FAIR+true is produced in the UK, Kenya, Malawi and Vietnam using Fair Trade standards as minimum and with special efforts made to support local communities.

This Fair Trade jacket has been getting a lot of press and for good reason – it’s lush! With jeans or over a fancy gown, this can work in so many situations. And at only £75, it’s a total steal too!

These upcycled platform espadrille-style sandals are hand-made in Vietnam from disused local and traditional fabrics. These are what we’ll be wearing to every summer festival.

Printed leggings are a must-have. Not just for this season – but for life! Comfy, good for traveling. You can style them a million different ways, even when leggings are no longer acceptable to wear as trousers. (Although don’t see this trend ending anytime soon). This pair is great! Lovely pink colour without being overly girly. Plus, they’re made from eco-friendly material Modal, manufactured in the UK. Only £35, move over high street!

FAIR + true also does really great blouses. This brown/blue/pink colour block one is a bit weird but in a really good way. Again, so many different ways this can be styled. And just to add, it’s made using end of roll materials, sourced and manufactured in the UK.

Visit eco e-tailer, Fashion Conscience to check out FAIR + true’s full range.


One response to “Can’t get enough of FAIR + true

  1. Also can’t get enough of them. LOVE the looks and the diversity of materials!

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