Otherworldly Eden Diodati

Launched in March 2012 by former lawyer, Jennifer Ewah, luxury label Eden Diodati brings its wearers to another planet where women look like sophisticated galactic glamazons.

The collection represents a global collaboration of cultural influences, achieving designs with a stunningly creative edge. The idea of Humanity inspired the East African-style metal cuffs for the wrist, neck and waiste. The idea of Creation resulted in the galaxy motif used in several of the digitally-printed silk dresses. The idea of the Sculptor gave rise to expertly tailored and structured dresses, capes and accessories. And the idea of the Garden of Eden infused the collection with a strong femininity.

But there’s more to the label than just beautiful, ethereal dresses and intricately tailored suit-capes, it’s also set up as a social enterprise.

Eden Diodati is almost entirely produced by artisans working at the Cooperativa Rinascere, an Italian non-profit cooperative near Vicenza, that provides employment, training, and support to disadvantaged women from local communities – those touched by physical and mental abuse, trauma and disability.

This is the same cooperative where pioneering ethical brand From Somewhere manufactures its upcycled creations. Founder Orsolo de Castro tells The Telegraph: “All our clothes are made in the Cooperativa Rinascere in Vicenza which helps rehabilitate disabled people and people with mental health problems. My seamstresses used to work for top fashion houses before they got ill and it’s been hard for them to re-enter their profession. One, who has clinical depression, was denied custody of her daughter a few years ago. Partly because of working for us she has now got her back.”

Eden Diodati founder, Jennifer Ewah’s ethical approach to manufacturing is helping to deliver opportunities for these marginalised people to re-create their own futures.

Eden Diodati will also donate 10% of its dividends to Médecins sans Frontières in efforts to address human fragility on a global scale, this should amount to about £8,000 in the first year alone.

The label is one of the Ethical Fashion Forum’s 500 Fellows around the globe. Fellowship 500 has been launched by the Ethical Fashion Forum with the aim of taking the fashion industry to tipping point – the point at which sustainable practices by fashion businesses become the rule rather than the exception to it – from field to final product.

The good news is that you can buy the whole Eden Diodati collection online here. We know exactly what we’re wearing to our next red carpet event…


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