Launderette is devoted to the socially ethical and environmentally sustainable future of fashion and beauty. It’s about addressing both the environmental and social impacts of what we consume on our planet and how this affects people. Fortunately, climate change and other environmental concerns are at the forefront of current debates about the future of our society. We as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of our ‘carbon footprint’ and our broader environmental impact. We are becoming more concerned with what we put in and on our bodies. However, what is missing and is an inherently crucial part of the issue is the ‘people’ aspect. Fashion will never be ‘sustainable’ nor ‘ethical’ without taking special care to appreciate and value those who make the things we buy, how they are made and where they are made in addition to environmentally-focused questions such as what they are made of, through what process and of what materials.

In this sense, ethical fashion represents an approach to designing, sourcing and manufacturing to best maximize benefits to people and communities while minimizing impact on the environment. The meaning of ‘ethical’ in this sense must go beyond simply ‘doing no harm’ by striving to take a more informed and active role in poverty reduction, sustainable livelihood creation and re-building relationships between producers and consumers. We must remember that ethical fashion nor more responsible consumption practices are a panacea for solving the complex reasons why global poverty persists. However, as consumers we hold a powerful voice that can be used to address these issues and tell big companies that we expect more and better from them.

Launderette is here to explore those who are working to ‘clean up dirty fashion’ from young, visionary designers, to producers and manufacturers, to those creating new cutting-edge technology and to eco-fashion activists and committed consumers. Ethical fashion no longer means being stuck wearing beige hemp drawstring trousers or shapeless white cotton t-shirts. Launderette is committed to showcasing the highest fashion design aesthetic! Many designers today are working with all kinds of socially and environmentally sustainable materials in innovative, modern and entirely chic and interesting ways. These designers are at the forefront of the industry. Let’s celebrate them!